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In 1960, concerned friends and families of the developmentally disabled in Kay County wanted for their children exactly what everyone wants for children - the ability to grow up, to be successful, and to “live life to the fullest.”

Using preferred education models for the developmentally disabled, these family members and community leaders began a school dedicated to the developmentally disabled children in Kay County reaching their potential. The children grew and flourished.

When education models changed nationally, the organization adapted and continued to serve the disabled with additional programs and services. In 1983, the organization expanded the mission to include residential programs and enhanced the existing vocational programs.

Today, the Center has over 75 individuals working in a workshop, group employment, or employment consulting. About one third of these individuals participate in the residential program. They live in group homes, community living homes, or in the community group home.

The Mission of the Land of Opportunity is to provide facilities and services that are sustainable, innovative, and compassionate for the life-long benefit of people with developmental disabilities in Kay County. The boards governing the programs and facilities remain committed to the developmentally disabled in Kay County “living life to the fullest.”

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